About the Trust

Madurai School of Management prides itself by being governed by a trust comprising world-leading academicians, successful industrialists and well-known socio-economic professionals. The trust is called the Sarvavidya Educational and Public Charitable Trust (SEPCT). SEPCT is registered in Madurai as a deed of Trust under Charitable Trust Act 1950 with registration number 1012, dated 5th May 2011.

Vision of Sarvavidya Educational and Public Charitable Trust

The vision of SEPCT is development of the local region in order to continue achieving sustainable growth by making a step-change in the educational scenario. Its vision is shaped by the quest to attain the level of imparting perfect and complete education in the widest sense of the term with the ever changing needs of society at large and rural population in particular. Its vision is governed by the following two principles.

  • To produce competent, dynamic and multi-talented young professionals matching the contemporary demands of the industry and thereby making them useful in the development of the region/country.

  • To establish educational institutions that evolve into centres of academic and excellence in the country such that majority of the students leaving these institutions will have placement in their chosen career.

Mission of Sarvavidya Educational and Public Charitable Trust

SEPCT is strongly committed to transparent governance and accountability in approach towards society in the noble field of education. Accordingly, its mission comprises the following elements.

  • Delivery of outstanding educational experience in the region by promoting educational establishments delivering quality education to students through competent, highly qualified professionals from the academia and the industry.

  • Enhancement of traditional skills of students by training them to develop soft skills, interpersonal skills and other good contemporary personality traits that are valued by employers in the manufacturing and service sectors across the globe.

  • Provision of state-of-art infrastructure aimed both at teacher development and student development.

  • Organization of regular interactive sessions in the campus by prominent practitioners from the industry, and also the organization of regular workshops and seminars on the latest trends in Management with active participation of the students.

  • Promotion of management research, design and development through active collaboration with the industry, global Universities and R&D organizations at national and international levels.

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills to students to promote private sector development in the region.

Development of the Madurai School of Management is the first mile stone in the vision of SEPCT. In line with its vision and mission, MSM is being developed at Thathampatti and Kulasekarankottai villages, which are some of the most backward areas of Madurai District, VadipattiTaluk, to provide the region an opportunity to have higher education in a World Class Environment and develop the people academically, thereby bringing social and economic development in the region.