Manager- Business Development

FACE- Focus Academy for Career Enhancement

Singathevan (2015-17)

  • BE., MBA

Hai, aspirants of MBA !

I am Er Singathevan Manikandan from Chinnalapatti.

Post my Engineering Graduation and after a year of Industry experience, I joined MSM - an eye opener in my Life. Unless I explicitly express my experiences in MSM, my gratitude is incomplete. It developed, rather 'changed my attitude to be positive and proactive'.

Through my cultured seniors, I learnt to resolve conflict amongst friends; and from the Staff, I learnt to avoid conflicts.MSM gave me every opportunity to 'Lead and be lead too'; embedded in the art of Leadership and Decision making.

Faculty in MSM take an extra mile to be your guide, friend and philosopher than being a mere Professor. They imbibe self confidence in every individual and motivate him to be useful in life and to the Society. Oft repeated phrase in campus - 'Social Responsibility'; never heard a phrase so many times in my life ever before.

HELIX - vow... what a wonderful experience of handling pressures! Classical experiences of organising, crisis managing, conflict resolution, appeasing and carrying a heterogeneous crowd etc etc... and yet be an extrovert a while at the podium to crack tension.

Professionally always ahead and made me updated to face FACE's Interview. Now I am a Manager- Business Development in FACE- Focus Academy for Career Enhancement, an IIM graduates enterprise.

MSM stands for Make you Shine Maximum !

SDZ Cha SARL, Guruve, Mozambique, East Africa

Antony Raj (2015-17)

  • BBA., MBA

Hello friends ! I am Antony Raj from village Kadambankulam in Tirunelveli District hailing from a humble family. I studied from 1st to 12th Standard in a Tamil medium school. Then I got graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration, again from Kadayanallur, nearby my village itself.

When I wanted to study the Masters, I got to know of the 'poor-man's IIM' - Madurai School of Management, stand-alone B-School in the outskirts of Madurai where it is least expensive than other colleges and yet very highly professional. All the 'teachers', yes I consciously not using the word 'Professors', because they got involved in making me learn rather than just professing; everybody is very talented; taken individual care of all the students; very legendary Staff and Director; College Management knows the economic strata of the students and they are so flexible and most accommodative to our economies and were most socially responsible in rearing me what I am today. In the two years I studied at MSM, my teachers and college administration, interacted with us every nanosecond and listened to us and our suggestions; involved us in both the college and student's development. I realised the value of being socially responsible.

MSM provides free bus facilities, free WI-FI connection, grand library with huge collections and big e-lab facility with a dedicated PC for each individual.. It has a cute and neat canteen facility; enough games facility to refresh and extra curriculum like Clubs to self-develop; So, I would say Madurai School of Management is the Best B-School in south Tamil Nadu. I am proud to have studied there. If I am working in a big Tea company "SDZ Cha SARL" at Guruve in Mozambique I owe it MSM. They provided employment to all the desired students from my college. Truly it is POOR MAN'S IIM !

B. Vigneshwari (2014-16)

  • BA., MBA

"A founder can carry an institution only so far, and then others have to step in, even the alumni. That's how an institution becomes one" - Shiv Nadar

The MSM experience was challenging; it facilitated me to acquire a heavy inflow of knowledge; got me exposed to the world of opportunities - right from seminars , workshops and internship programs at IIM,Bangalore It was one of the best experience and learning through the program. I salute for the quality of professors interacted during my internships. The professors at MSM are no less capable; they motivated me greatly and I was ultimately able to do things with freedom and yet retaining onus of responsibility. I feel proud to be one among the MSMians.

'Nobody is bothered about an institution more than its alumni.' - N. R. Narayana Murthy

I thank the management, professors and the student friends for their immense help and support in MSM. I can confidently claim that MSM has given me more clarity to approach a problem, my career and my life. Confident I am, every MSMians will uphold the name and fame of the college !

R. Subaelavarasan (2014-16)

  • BBA., MBA

MSM - all but Friendly & brotherly Staff; huge Library and Computer Lab; unique in making us learn; I had the privilege of 1st Club-In-Charge: it gave me the insight into 'being a leader' and sensed the difficulties in Entrepreneurship more than what I learnt from class room; HELIX taught me responsibilities with freedom and made us Organisers; frequently held lecture/debates with impromptu topics built my confidence in public speaking. I may even say that I got rid off a bit of stammering that I had by the end of MBA Program. Social Responsibility is flesh & blood of MSM - and so is it with me now.

MSM has dedicated and QUALIFIED Faculties to train us for Corporate Interviews. NAGAs placement camp was thrilling because they said next round would be Personal Interview. Surprisingly we all ended up in another Group Discussion and yet another ppt Presentation and finally I had Personal Interview. Alas ! Today I am in great Team 'NAGAS'.

Hail you MSM !

You are my corner Stone !!

You are my Morning Star for Life !!!

Chiron Med Support Devices Pvt. Ltd,

G.Baskara Prabu (2014-16)

  • B.Sc., MBA

It gives me great pride that I have completed MBA in a best B school in Madurai - Madurai School of Management. It built my skills and made my career to mould my future. It has everything that one looks at a B-School. Faculties are friendlier and willing to extend extra help whenever, I was in need. Management is very supportive to our growth. Apart from my studies, I learnt to build bonding in life and etiquettes

A very memorable innings. If I am in CHIRON MEDSUPPORT DEVICES PVT. LTD. of MAQUET LIFE today, I owe it to MSM.

Administrator, Sathya Sai School, Lagos, Nigeria

S.Saravanakumar (2014-16)

  • B.Sc., MBA

MSM, Vadipatti gave colors to my dreams. It is onne of the fastest growing college. I did not have any specific ambition when I joined MSM. The faculty of MSM gave support with care and helped us throughout in our projects and internships. They made us feel to be at easiness and taught us to realize our strengths and weaknesses. This helped us to excel in the place of our interviews to set a definite goal in our mind. MSM has played a great role in the success of my career. Now I'm in RELIANCE COMMUNICATION (Territory Sales Manager) with good package. Special thanks to management committee and faculty of MSM for support in my career.

Executive, CAMS Cargo Accounting Management Services Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

P.T.K. Ashwin Ponnaiah (2013-15)

  • B.E., MBA

It is my immense pleasure to be a product of MSM, because my careerturning point starts here!!! Top management of MSM trusted & offered me internship & projects in Bangalore and Chennai (Schneider Electric). They also offered programs in IIM Bangalore which helps me to visualize opportunities around me. Moreover faculties of MSM always focuses on Personnel Skill Development(PSD) to improvise student behaviour in to corporate life, which helps me to survive in interview panels. Here, I lost my hesitation and fear towards employment because they gave clear path for how to move forward in career!!! By implementing them now am in TVS & Sons Private Limited (dealers of AshokLeyland).

VDart Software Solution Pvt Ltd

G. Priya Dharshini (2013-15)

  • B.Sc., MBA

First of all i thanks very much to my college because such a wonderfull two years of MBA program in MSM, and also i proud that am a student of MSM,here that much of excellent faculty members and also wide range of executive fellowship program and also excellent free kind of environment,it will helps to study and also learn a new skills day by day without failure, it will surely help to start our carrier through a gentle manner,meanwhile i concentrated on various program like inter collegiate, it will automatically develop our skills and stimulate the competitive knowledge throughout the world.Finally am very happy and settled in my carrier because of my "MSM".HATS of my college.

Deputy Manager - Trading, EID Parry India Ltd., Chennai

Srinath Ramakrishnan (2013-15)

  • B.Com., MBA

Academic excellence and superb faculty is expected from every educational institution. I would like to mention the more intangible and, in my opinion, the more enduring lifelong benefit/advantage that the MSM MBA has given me. Doing MBA at MSM was a life changing experience and became an X factor in my career. Coming from a non­profit management background, many facets of the world of business were new to me and perhaps to every students who are just passed out from their UG and I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and made myself easy to follow. Being a management student and traveling to top notch institutes like IIM­B, IISc for the first time added to my anxiety. The programme is designed and administered so seamlessly that was felt by my peers too. I not only felt ‘the warm welcome’ but, my faculty and peers became a support system throughout the MBA programme. A management institute is a place where students academic life ends and professional life starts, but here students can even go deeper into the academic life by entering into the research side.

MSM MBA program a truly stimulating experience, and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.

HCL Technologies, Chennai

Danalakshmi (2012-14)

  • B.Tech., MBA

Madurai School of Management (MSM), an ultimate place for learning today’s management. I am very proud to be called myself as one of the first child of MSM in the very first batch to achieve Anna University Rank and this is possible due to the continuous monitoring and effort being put forward by the Management through the faculty of MSM. In addition to teaching courses efficiently and effectively, various activities conducted by MSM really taught me to utilize my undergraduate B.Tech (IT) appropriately and this has fetched me a job at HCL. I personally felt MSM a place with autonomous and productive environment to learn many things towards my career path.

TNQ Books and Journals PVT LTD, Chennai

M. Dharmendra (2012-14)

  • B.E., MBA

Learned lot of new things such as Curricular and Co - curricular activities in the short span of period.. really awesome.

AR School of Business

K. Rahmath Nisha (2012-14)

  • B.E., MBA

Madurai School of Management provided me THE BEST & QUALITY EDUCATION. In the Two Year programme, I have learned lot of things and gained knowledge and experience, that make me to work as an Assistant Professor now. During My study I got benefits such as library, E-library, Wifi, Internsip Project at IISc Bangalore, Workshop at ISI Bangalore, Trustees Scholarship, Minority Scholarship Rs. 25000/-year, Career refresh programme, Industrial Visits, and Many Seminars on latest issues in Management, presented by IIM Faculty and Faculty from overseas, our College. I am being proud to have my MBA at MSM with 2nd highest CGPA of that batch. Finally, the confidence and knowledge gained at MSM really helped me to get Assistant Professor position at AR School of Business.